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I'am CORS Digital AI Bot demo, need assistance

  • Our bot implementations can help your user find the right information
  • Our bot can send emails, sms or connect calls
  • Our bot can add items to the user cart or execute any type of dynamic actions

From Zero to Hero

We use the latest technology available, we test all our developments to guarantee the best quality on delivery, we make you succeed to impress

Front-end Stack

We have proven experience in building successful Single page application using the latest available frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, inferno or React Native

Continuous integrations

Don't wait see in real time your project getting built, with work with Jenkins and Docker

Back-end Stack

Choose from a wide range of options, headless solutions for a quick go to market or custom for a more adequate fit using Node.js, PHP, Golang

Prototyping tools

Every successful apps start here, avoid bad development and get precise quotes. We build can help you build the wireframes with Balsamiq, Sketch, Invision, Zeplin, Optimizely


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we are available when you need.

Continuos Development

Our DevOps are ready for all types of work for faster delivery

Integrated solutions

Need custom integration, with can help you ease your day to day task.

Not enough Developers

Get in touch and we will put the right people working with you.

Want to get visibility

We can make a digital campaign plan to help you get the desired leads.

I need an initial prototype

If you want to showcase your idea we can help you achieve that.

Not enough budget

Phased deliveries to have the minimum viable product online and ready to use.